Aesthetically sustainable designs with timeless allure and appeal, unaffected by trends.

Rohan Collett Architects

Our approach is collaborative. We forge close relationships and work in partnership with our clients to achieve results that are tailored to their specific needs and aspirations.

We believe constraints inspire creativity. Engaged intelligently, challenges of brief, budget and context are opportunities that can inspire innovative solutions.

Sustainability is inherent in our solutions. In order to naturally influence year-round light, temperatures, circulation, and comfort, we allow the characteristics of the site and its natural environment to shape our ideas and decisions.

We also strive for aesthetically sustainable designs. We carefully marry form and function, proportion, play of colour and texture, and changes in light and spatial volume to achieve solutions with timeless appeal, unaffected by trends.

L2 69 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch.
P O Box 1406, Christchurch
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The Architects

4 of New Zealand’s best architects and designers have been chosen with care, to help create your dream in Waitikiri. All with individual style, each have an understanding of how lifestyle and architecture combine, and of the essence behind Waitikiri. Learn more about each of them on the pages to follow.